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If you have been in a automobile accident and have been injured, please call Mr. Shamis. Mr. Shamis will explain the law to you, let you know who is responsible for paying your medical bills and let you know whether or not you have a lawsuit for personal injuries.


In New York State, the "No-Fault" law provides for the payment of medical bills. In most cases the payment of your medical bills will be made no matter who was at fault for causing the accident.


In order for you to recover from personal injuries sustained, there must be someone at fault for your accident and you must have a "serious injury" as defined by the "No-Fault" law.


Call Mr. Shamis and he will explain your rights to you and explain whether or not you have a "serious injury" that is worth pursuing in a lawsuit against the person that caused your accident.

Automobile Accidents

Other Accidents

If you were injured in an accident such as a trip and fall, slip and fall, dog bite or other personal injury sustained, please feel free to call Mr. Shamis for a free consultation to discuss your rights and discuss whether or not to seek money damages.


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